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Hotels in Dublin

Dublin Short Story

Dublin: Tour Guide

Dublin is known for its cobbled streets and classic Irish pubs. It is a small capital but has a big reputation. Its history and green environment with outstanding parks will not fail to disappoint. The city is like a living museum with cathedrals and castles. With stunning architecture and being one of the most fine-looking Georgian cities of the British empire, this really does reflect what it is today. You can learn about its fine history in one of the museums or many walking tours it has on offer. Dubliners are a very compelling lot who have a good social life. Of course, the pub is a big part of social life in Dublin. It brings out the best in people and with more than 1000 of them scattered around the city, you’ll be spoilt for choice. In the last few decades, Dublin has become more multicultural. You will hear languages and eat food from all over the globe. If you were to talk to a local you would probably find that their parents were from a different part of Europe or even continents beyond that.

Top Attractions:

Irish Whisky Museum:

As you have read in the first part of this guide, you probably won’t be surprised that Dublin has got the worlds first Irish whisky museum, due to their love of alcohol. The museum will tell you everything about the origins, history and life of the Irish whisky world! It was thought that it was the monks who discovered it back in the 11th century and learnt about distilling perfumes. They then brought their knowledge back from North Africa. The museum has exclusive whiskey memorabilia dating right back to the 1880’s. Visiting here is a memory you’re sure to enjoy. Try the whiskey and brunch experience at 10 am from Friday to Sunday. Or take a 1 hour guided tour of the museum to update your knowledge of the history of Irish Whiskey.

Dublin Zoo:

Sitting within the wonderful beauties of the Phoenix Park, Dublin Zoo is a must-see attraction and great to keep the kids entertained. It has a huge variety of animals to see from Giraffes to Penguins. The zoo has a big priority for the lives and welfare of the animals. With spacious habitats and incredible care for the animals, they can roam or play. This makes it as close to their real habitat as possible. Don’t forget to visit the meerkat café whilst your there to get up close to the meerkats while enjoying a bite to eat. In addition, check out the live webcams on their website to see the animals being fed daily or just watch them roam as you please. Here is the link: https://www.dublinzoo.ie/17/Webcams.aspx

Dublin Castle:

With over 800 years of history captured within its walls, Dublin castle is great for all those history lovers as well as people who want to take a relaxing tour out. It has seen some of the greatest events in the country’s history over the 11 acres of land it is set on. It has an incredible structure and architecture used for tactics. The castle lays proudly on the highest ground. Tour around the castle yourself or get a guided tour which is on offer too. This tour will take you around the grounds and in the many rooms, it has hidden inside. This a great attraction for anyone to go and see.

Transport in Dublin:

As with any major city, there are many options for Dublin when it comes to transport. Jump on a Dublin bus with a good network across the county, having 110 routes and operating between 06.30 am – 23.30pm. They all have wheelchair access and are Wi-fi enabled.  Also, there is the DART coastal train, which stops at seaside towns. It is quick easy and efficient way to get around Dublin. Or the LUAS which has two lines, red and green, and it is basically like a tram operating within the city stopping at various points. Also, a great way to get around is with the renowned Dublin bikes. With a bike rental service, it allows you to easily commute within the city allowing everyone to ride from 14 years of age. There are various stations which you can rent the bikes from, dotted around the city. Walking is not off the agenda with most places easily walkable and the added benefit of being able to see the city whilst walking.

Nightlife in Dublin:

Dublin has a great nightlife and its pub to person relationship is good overall. There are a wide variety of clubs and bars to suit all preferences, particularly Irish whiskey pubs. So, if you are keen on Irish whiskey then you are in for a treat. Here are few good ones:
  • Fitzwilliam Card club (Large open plan)
  • Davy Byrnes (Open since 1889, Popular with locals)
  • The wright venue (3 floors, state of the art nightclub)
  • Club M (Weekend only, varied music)
  • Everleigh Garden (Great cocktails, casual)
  • The Grand Social (Circus styled bar, live music)

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