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Hotels in Athens

Athens Short Story

Athens: Travel Guide

Some would say that Athens is the historical capital of Europe or even the world. Home to the ancient Greeks between 800-500 B.C, it has so much history to explore and ancient buildings. You can explore the ancient landmarks such as Parthenon and Acropolis, all once belonging to the ancient Greeks. It has huge amounts of elegance with a slight feeling of excitement too. There is a good cultural feel and social life which is brought out within the city. The most well-known landmark the Acropolis, which can be seen from almost every part of the city, just emphasises the tradition of the city and the many transformations it has experienced over the years. Although some people are still struggling from the economic crisis in 2009 there is still a great feel to the galleries, political debates and derelict walls and buildings that still remain. This creates an energetic atmosphere, until evening where everything calms down and open-air restaurants and bar open. A little beyond Athens you will be able to find stunning, tranquil beaches with crystal clear water and pure white sand.

Attractions in Athens:


Situated on the top of Acropolis hill this monument emphasises the great beauty of ancient Greece. Literally meaning ‘Virgin’s Apartment’ this was dedicated to a goddess called Athena. The largest Doric temple ever to be finished and the only one mainly built with just white Pentelic marble, it took 15 years to complete, completing it in 432 B.C. The architecture to it is just magnificent and it really does show off a masterpiece. You really have to visit here to see the true beauty of this place. A half day trip to look around here is recommended. You can have an organised tour here or just tour around with your family.

Boat trip:

There is nothing quite like the stunning Greek islands. They are an idyllic place, where you can relax, shop or just sit down outside a café while admiring the beauty. On this day cruise, you will go to three different Greek islands. Hydra, Poros and Egina, enjoying free time to browse each different island as you please. A scrumptious Greek lunch is included in the price of the cruise. You will set sail from Piraeus port. First, you will get around 1-2 hours at each island, with the trips in-between taking around an hour. Return around 7 pm to enjoy an evening meal out at one of the many fantastic restaurants in Athens.

Dinner in the sky:

If you do not like heights this isn’t for you, but if you don’t mind them, this is well worth a visit as it could be the meal of a lifetime. Dinner in the sky is not just a meal. It is a meal whilst suspended 50 meters in the air having a spectacular view over the city. This combines everything into one. You get a wonderful view of the city, a five-course menu and chefs cooking right in front of you. As you ascend up into the sky, while the nightlife awakens, you can get a 360-degree view of the city whilst slowly rotating. Get a bird’s eye view of everything ranging from the sculpture lit Acropolis to the Athenian sea. Winning the gold and silver tourism award of 2017this is bound to a good place to go.

Transport for Athens:

With Athens being the 4th most popular capital in the EU and having a population of almost 4 million, it is bound to have a large and efficient transportation system. It consists of city buses, Athens metro, Athens tram and for those who are coming or going from the suburban areas the Athens suburban railway. If you are coming from abroad, Athens international airport offers a wide range of connections from around the world. Buses run 24 hours a day, seven days a week, or the metro runs from 6.30 am to 11.30 pm 7 days a week too. Or hop in any taxi dotted around the city which will take you to a personal location of your choice.

Nightlife in Athens:

Athens is great for nightlife. With a buzzing atmosphere and most bars clubs and pubs walking distance away from each other and the main square, there is no problem having a good night out here. Whether it's clubbing, partying or just fancy a cocktail, there will surely be something for you.


  • Island club restaurant (a Very popular club with continued success, always on celebrity’s lists.)
  • Akrotiri Club (Always attracts a good crowd with nice decoration of black and white with a fluorescent theme, especially good vibe on Saturdays and Sundays)
  • Pixi (Popular, Located in the centre of Athens, with a lively nightlife and a good vibe)


  • Galaxy Bar and Restaurant (Good service, breath-taking views relaxed atmosphere)
  • Baba Au Rum (Homemade syrups, fantastic collection of rum and cocktails)
  • 42 Bar (Favourite in Athens)

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Popular Athens Hotels

Oscar Hotel

Filadelfias & Samou Street 25, Central Rail & Metro Station Larissa Station, 25 Philadelfeias & Samou Street, 10439

Dorian Inn

Pireos Street 15-19, 10552 Athens, 15-19 Pireos Street, 10552

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