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Hotels in Edinburgh

Edinburgh Short Story

Edinburgh: A Tour Guide

Edinburgh is one of the most gorgeous, quirky and hilly stops in Scotland, even overlooked the Sea. A long series of rocky hills presents this cozy twined city as the best holiday spot with its beautiful landscape, skylines, monuments that rested atop and commanded by high cliffs. Edinburgh is the striking jumble of medieval homes that piled high in Old Town but now transformed into a royal mile.  The lofty skyscrapers attached to Black Bull Castle Rock and radish Palsied of Salisbury Crags. The city offers a steadily changing panorama of its history, tourism culture and cuisine

Best Things to do in Edinburgh

Edinburgh is just like a painting book with different colors and visual presentation that savors you each time and gives you a lifetime experience. From the yellow haze of daffodils with blue spring sky to tripping late night club, heading to café shop in December chill morning and festivity of fireworks among the crown of Princes Garden Street, Edinburgh is the superlative tourist attraction as a whole for all times visitors.

Edinburgh Castle

Perched atop at the Royal Mile on Castle Rock, Edinburgh Castle is the focal attraction of the city in Scotland. The most iconic facade is situated near extinct Volcano and offers unparalleled views of Edinburgh. Inside the castle, you can explore the oldest and significant structures of the city such as Margaret's Chapel, the Half Moon Battery, and the National War Museum. The highlight of this castle is Regal Crown Square where you can find the imperial Grand Hall and Scotland’s Crown Jewels that also includes famous Stone of Destiny.

Scotch whiskey Experience

Take an alcoholic ride once you become the part of whisky making course in Edinburgh. From the swaying fields of barely to the distillery apparatus and steaming bubbling pots of wine, this city has much more for your booze buds. Here you will experience the aromatic assortment of regional whiskeys and wines. Either you like fruity, smoky, or sweaty flavours, the experts of Edinburgh whiskey will assist you to choose your perfect sip. Edinburgh contains world’s largest collection of Scotch whiskies and will serve you with specially drilled nosing and tasty drink.

Camera Obscura

Camera Obscura is the world of illusions where we can say that seeing is not believing. This is one of the adored tourist attraction in Edinburgh which has been delighting its visitors since 1835. If you heard about Aladdin’s Cave in Disney world then do come here and relish bizarre illusions, tricks, unbelievable effects and hand on activities to experience and interact. Here you can partake in world’s oldest Camera Obscura show, visit the room where little and large become identical or see your head up on a silver platter. Just get involved, play and touch everything to gather and break your illusions and find the way to magical mirror maze, or Vortex Tunnel, Camera Obscura is the great fun for a family trip.

Top Tourist Attractions

The Museum of Childhood

This is a fun day tourist attraction for the whole family in Edinburgh. Kids can see and learn about the past of children in ancient times and explore a fantastic range of toys and games. Whereas adults can spend time in the memory lane or play Subbuteo set in your adverts. Hands-on experiences such as puppet show, theatre, museums shop and eccentric dressing up area are all the objects of children Museum that can make your visit a memorable one.

Palace of Holyroodhouse      

This Palace is the official residency of the Queen in Scotland. The Queen and Duke of the Edinburgh came and stay here at the end of June every year and participate in the official appointments of the city and beyond. Different sections of the palace are opened to the public where tourists can discover the historical connections of time and former inhabitants of this legendary city. The magnificent state apartments like the Throne room, Morning Dawn Room and the Court of King gives you the personal feel of imperialism and you will certainly appreciate it like other audience. You can also cast a glance at Mary, Chamber of Scot Queens where she came to reside after her arrival from France in 1561.

The Scottish Parliament

The state of the art building of Scotland resides in the old town of the city, the Scottish Parliament. It is open at Monday- Saturday for visitors to get a free tour and learn about the history and modern architecture of this facade. Pay a visit to debate chamber and if the session of parliament is proceeding then you can view it from the public gallery. The Scottish Parliament renders different events and occasions, so make a sure booking on time to avoid any distress. The Literary Tours of Parliament offer numerous opportunities to explore the literary culture of Scotland and its writers over the year.

Transport Modes in Edinburgh

The city composes a major hub of transport in Scotland and known as the center of the multi-model transport network. The transport network of the city includes roads, rail, air transport and an extensive bus service. Public transport is used in Edinburgh widely due to its efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Bus transport is the primary means of commuting in Edinburgh that covers all part of the city, suburbs and surrounding regions. So if you want to use public transport while visiting Edinburgh it would be the best choice.

Nightlife in Edinburgh

This is really party city where you can dance and drink like never before. During the summer festivals, the atmosphere of the city came into life in night and party goes on till the sun comes up. Edinburgh has no shortage of welcoming pubs, bars, and clubs where you can enjoy a lively pint, dance squares, foods or just a peaceful conversation. So just enjoy your trip at best in Edinburgh and note down the buzzing nightlife spots, mentioned below.
  1. The Jazz Bar
  2. Sandy Bell’s
  3. Whistlebinkies Live Music Bar
  4. The Bongo Club
  5. The Dome, Edinburgh
  6. Kays Bar
  7. The Bow Bar
  8. Panda & Sons
  9. Deacon Brodies Tavern
  10. Dragonfly

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