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Hotels in Las Vegas

Las Vegas Short Story

Las Vegas: A Tour Guide

A fertile desert of indulgence, Las Vegas is the dazzling seduction of Nevada in the United States of America. This is the city of unlimited adult entertainment, encouraging excitement, surprising fortune, and most of all seeing is believing in Las Vegas. This entertainment capital of the world is featured in mega hotels, casinos, pubs, lavish pool bars, restaurants and the scenic beauty of Fire valley and Grand Canyon. In Las Vegas, every casino has a different theme, name and attention to details fantasy, creating an environment of romance, mystery, and fascinating destinations.

Things to do in Las Vegas

Better known as Sin City, Las Vegas has numerous sightseeing sites and experiences to see and enjoy. The main draw is called The Strip that lined with exotic resorts, running with enormous venues, luxury excitement, gambling, excellent theme parks, luxury hotels, and five-star dining. So just plan your next trip to the Sin city as it says what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.

The Bellagio Fountains Las Vegas

Imagine about the best free show in Las Vegas, then head straight to the Fountains of Bellagio. The Fountains are the vast visual water ritornelle choreographed according to lights and music.  This show takes place every evening in front of Bellagio Hotel. The water dance with the rhythm of music and light, again and again, filling the quarter mile of the Hotel. The Fountain show is vividly visible from several vantage points on the Strip either streets or adjacent buildings.

The Mirage Volcano

The volcano at the Mirage is one of the famous icons of Las Vegas. The Mirage is the sight to see and enjoy in the Sin city and it should be atop in your to do things. Premiered in Dec 2008 the Mirage Volcano is the spectacle that highlighted with never seen before fire effects and musical composition that composed by legendary musician and drummer Mickey Hart and international Tabla Virtuoso Zakir Hussain. The Mirage Volcano has undergone much dramatic improvement but now it has become a most enticing visual and audio show in Las Vegas. More than 150 fire shooters perform at the Mirage Volcano that choreographed with fireballs. The show continues almost 10 minutes and ends with a big fire explosion almost 60 feet high into the sky.

Fremont Street Experience in Las Vegas

This is the 2nd most popular street in the Sin city after the Las Vegas Strip. It is a five block impressive pedestrian promenade which is located in the heart of the downtown casino corridor. From the Fremont Street Experience, you can have the address of many famous casinos like Binion’s Horseshoe, Fremont Hotel & Casino, Four Queens, Golden Gate Hotel & Casino and many more. The Fremont experience is stuffed with free live nocturnal entertainment, great odds and loose slots. Adored with over 60 restaurants and world’s largest video screen above the pedestrian mall with 12.5 million digital lights, Fremont Street Experience dazzles each of its visitors.

Tourist Attractions in Las Vegas

Fire Valley in Las Vegas

The Valley of Fire is the state park of the Nevada which is the oldest and biggest state park in the country dating back 1935. Aged trees, rocks structure and red sandstone of the valley coupled with 3000 years old carvings on rocks by early Indians have created unique and beautiful tourist spot in the surroundings of Las Vegas. The name Valley of fire origins from massive red sandstone formation which was formed 150 million years ago. Following the uplifting and depreciating joined with erosion have transformed the landscape that we see today. It Is said that human used this place in 300 B.C for hunting and gathering purpose only and did not stay long due to the deficiency of water. While approaching Fire Valley you will have an illusion of fire from distance that is actually the reason for its name.  In short, this place is thoroughly magical and sublime, taking you to a tranquil world that does not deal with the humming Las Vegas.

Las Vegas Strip

This is a road in Las Vegas lined with upscale casinos, restaurants, hotels and complexes. With a huge array of gambling floors, the Strip also houses big shopping malls and dining options ranging from mainstream to high end simultaneously. The strip offers dancing and performance venues for the lovers of music, comedy, film and circus. While exploring strip, you will see numerous attractions including towering facades, choreographed Bellagio Fountains and high Roller wheel that allures thousands of tourists to Las Vegas.

The Grand Canal Shoppes

Situated at the Venetian, the Grand Canal shoppe is a premium attraction in Las Vegas with luxury shopping. This is only Nevada’s Barney New York hooks, spanning 85,000 square feet. The emporium showcases excellent fashion and brands.  The Grand Canal is highlighted with 160 signature shopping stores with dozens of lavish and luxury brands. Here the shops are more than the shops in whole Las Vegas where a style lover’s dreams come true. Adorned with cobblestones walkways and canopies of illuminated ceilings of clouds by the blue sky, the Grand Canal gives you same strolling experience as in the Piazza of Venice.

Transport System in Las Vegas

Las Vegas offers numerous options to get around the bustling city. However, the most common service is Monorail which is the basic rail system in the city along the Las Vegas Boulevard famous the Strip. The Monorail is the quick, clean and secure mode of transport even in the night. All casinos of the city are located at the back of Monorail stations, making it more convenient to travel and traverse to and from the strip to the station. Bus Service in Las Vegas is operating by RTC on two different routes 24/7. Shuttle service from the airport to hotel and different resorts is also available to get around the city.  Many complimentary trams, taxis and luxury options are also accessible in Las Vegas to explore best of the city.

The Nightlife in Las Vegas

The nightlife of Las Vegas is the customary and major attraction for tourists and locals alike. Some clubs are like extravagant raves with celebrity hosts and DJs and beating music all the night and beyond. The lavish nightlife of Las Vegas is costly and sometimes hard to get in but once you inside, you can enjoy the party and beat the dancing floor. The clubs of Las Vegas are not only the place where you go for adult pursuits but cultured lounges like Skyfall also allows you to have a long conversation in peaceful ambience and enjoy the incredible Sin city. Many of Hotels in the city have transformed their upper floors into elegant bars and clubs while offering their guests a glimpse of famous Las Vegas strip. Some of the famous bars and clubs are mentioned below.

  1. XS Nightclub
  2. 1 OAK Nightclub Las Vegas
  3. Drai's Beachclub & Nightclub
  4. Hakkasan Las Vegas Nightclub
  5. Marquee Nightclub & Dayclub
  6. Tao Restaurant Las Vegas
  7. Rain Nightclub
  8. Omnia Nightclub
  9. Surrender Nightclub
  10. JEWEL Nightclub

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