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Hotels in London

London Short Story

London: A Tour Guide

Perched high on Thames Valley of South East England, London is one of the most visited cities in the world and have something for everyone. This city is the home to more than 8 million people and the capital of UK. London has been important for centuries due to its political, financial, educational and cultural influence in the world but the language and literature is one the best gifts of the city that ever give to the whole world.  The city has been regarded an epic Saga as the origins of London began in Bronze Age but prospered after the Roman Withdrawal in the 5th Century. Afterwards, London became one of the biggest medieval travelling and trade centers in the 11th century. London is pretty simple to navigate and compact to explore on foot. This world’s city is filled with iconic symbols including, Tower Bridge, London Eye, House of Parliament, Big Benn’s, Buckingham Palace, St. Paul Cathedral and many more. London is the city that not only esteems her own story but also the narrative of humankind, incorporating treasures of thousands years history and cultural beliefs of million people.

Best Things to do in London

Walk into 1000 years of history at Tower of London

This 900 years old Tower is the finest piece of architecture and historical eyewitness of many civilizations. It will take a whole day trip to see everything in the Tower such as tremendous invaluable collections of diamonds, crowns and scepters that used to make Crown Jewels. You have to wake up early to catch a breathtaking glimpse of precious rocks which are still used by the royal family of London in different occasions. Once the grimmest prison of London, Tower of London has transformed into the glittering attraction of the city and a famous landmark for tourists and locals alike.

Take a Spin in London Eye

Nevertheless, quite thrilling views of London city from the wheel around 135 meters above the ground can really make your day excellent either its spin or not. Look out the huge Thames River, central London and even the Queen if she opened her curtains at Buckingham Palace. You can book a special package for  London Eye that has the different options with swings such as a romantic champagne trip or two trip tickets that give you an opportunity to spin twice a time; one in the morning and 2nd at sunset time at the same day.

Spot Deer in Richmond Parks

The enchanting wildlife, antiquated woodlands and open-space of Capital, Richmond Park is the largest and grandest royal park of London. The alluring lush green park boasts rare species, ranging grassland and abundance of wildlife. It has been used as royal hunting ground but now Richmond Park has changed into a well-bred charm for a family travel. Modern-day visitors rent a bike to explore the park but to feel the winding environs and scenic views of the park, take a stroll around and spot deer. The exotic combination of spring and summer plantation from swathes of flowers always grab your attention to the herds of wild red and dormant deer.

Best Attractions of London

Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace is the royal residency and official headquarter of the reigning sovereign in London. The palace was built in 1703 for the Duke of Buckingham and succeeded by St. James Palace as the official monarch residence in 1837. Queens Elizabeth 2 used Buckingham Palace and Windsor Castle as her residence and spent time between both of the structures but in summers she went to Balmorals Castle in Scotland. When she was in the Palace, the yellow, red and blue royal flags were flown but if not then Union Flag only. The state-of-the-art rooms are lavishly furnished and opened to visitors from late July to September when Queen spend her holidays. You can buy a ticket from the Palace ticket office or purchase ticket online for donation and get access for a whole year. Don’t miss the event of changing of Guards on the forecourt of Buckingham Palace, held in June and July every year.

Big Ben

The nickname of Bell tower, Big Ben is the famous landmark and promising appeal of London. Big Ben is also the most popular feature of Westminster Palace and officially known as Elizabeth Tower.  For a better interpretation, Big Ben is the 315 feet high tower which has 13.5 tons bell that formed a big clock. It is believed that it is named after Benjamin Hall in 1958 when the commissioner completed his work on tower.  Big Ben is a must-see tourist attraction in London and equally popular with tourists and locals along the panoramic views of Westminster Palace.

British Museum

This is one of the largest, finest and oldest museum of London and the world simultaneously. British Museum claims a vast Galleries of Egyptian, Etruscan, and Greek, Roman, European and Middle East exhibits and has the history of many centuries and mankind to display. As per the factual stats, British Museum is the focal and most visited attraction of London and draws 6.5 million visitors every year. In the museum, Rosetta stone is an essential tourist attraction which is viewed as the key to translating Egyptian hieroglyphics that discovered in 1799. A large collection of Egyptian mummies are also the part Egyptian relics in British Museum.

Transport modes in London

The city has world's best transport network which is integrated with bus, river and road systems. London is spanning 32 boroughs London transport is the convenient mode of transport to get around and browse the city effortlessly. The iconic London double-decker buses are the quick, cheap and comfortable mode of transport to travel around the city and delivers travelers abundant sightseeing tourist attractions. The Underground Rail network or the Tube is also a great mode of transport in central London and an integral part of local’s daily life. Hop abroad Thames river buses and ferries and hit the noise of urban traffic to get an outstanding view of London. Local trains, public transport, taxi and uber service is also available in London for a memorable and convenient trip.

Nightlife in London

This city has universal fame for its nightlife and offers numerous lively, world-class theatres, pubs, and rooftop clubs.  Music festivals and comedy scenes also made nights of London contemporary, hip-hop and special. The idiosyncratic and panoramic view of Thames River amid multi-million lights of pubs and clubs illuminate the nights of London while DJs broadcast more modernized tunes and people dance with music and chilled electronic beats. For a closer view, do check all the below mentions popular clubs and pubs to spend a great nighttime in London.

  1. fabric
  2. XOYO
  3. Ministry of Sound
  4. Studio 338
  5. Ronnie Scott's
  6. London Nightlife
  7. Heaven
  8. Cargo
  9. Egg London
  10. Tiger Tiger London
  11. Notting Hill Arts Club

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