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Hotels in Paris

Paris Short Story

Paris: Tour guide

Paris is an instantly recognizable city with famous landmarks known from all around the world, with remarkable architecture. With its artistic features, excellent French cuisine, it is a great city to go, for just a short weekend break or a couple of weeks away, with so many things to do and places to see. The iconic Eiffel tower pierces the clouds, with the Arc de Triomphe protecting the city’s most glamorous avenue, Champs Elysees, with lamplit bridges over the river Seine and typical French cafés. These are inevitably going to be engraved in the minds of all those who have visited and are an exciting mystery for all those who are yet to visit. The city isn’t just static historic buildings but there are some stunning modern, contemporary images too like the dignifying, striking Musee du Quai Branly.

Top attractions:

Eiffel Tower:

Paris would not be Paris without this historic and famous landmark. It is almost like the stamp of the city. At 320m tall, a signature shape and a gracefully constructed masterpiece by the historic man Gustave Eiffel. It was originally meant to be an exhibit for the 1889 World’s fair. Luckily due to the landmarks love and popularity it promised its survival, hence the existence of it today. Feeling tired after a long day? Take the towers lift to its three floors. Or, feeling ambitious? Climb to the 2nd floor via its 704 stairs and relish the final ascent to the top. Once at the top, enjoy the wonderful panoramic views of Paris and beyond.

Restaurant Guy Savoy:

France is famous for its exceptional food. Fancy visiting a three Michelin star sanctuary of culinary? Then this restaurant should certainly be high up on your list! The world-famous chef, Guy Savoy, trained world known chefs including Gordon Ramsay among others. Enter his flagship, via a velvety red-carpet staircase, which is concealed in the stunningly refurbished Monnaie de Paris. Here you will find Traditional French cuisines including Savoy icons like artichoke and black truffle soup with layered brioche.

Stylish Shopping:

Parisians match the style and fashion shopping is at the city’s heart including famous designer brands such as Chanel. The city remains at the top of international trade and trends, with established designer stores. You will also find quirky boutiques and homeware shops, along with fantastic art stores with vintage shops, atmospheric bookshops and original antique dealers.  Along with this are respected shops selling state of the art professional cookware and of course, abundant wine shops and gourmet shops. So if you enjoy shopping why not visit the Galeries Lafayette, a huge department store. Look up and see the wonderful stain glass dome which is over a century old. Catch modern art on the first floor or take in a fashion show. Feeling adventurous? Ascend for free up to the rooftop panorama, or fancy a coffee and a bite to eat?  Pop into one of the 24 restaurants and cafés.

Marche Bastille Market:

Blending in the old market stalls with the new streets of Paris, markets are the top place to go if you want to experience some French culture. If you want to get on some open-air streets, then between Bastille and Richard Lenoir metro stations is the best place to go. You can find anything you’re looking for in these 150 odd market stalls, from stalls piled high with fruit to special meats laid in front of your very own eyes, fish and French cheeses. You can also find things like clothing and leather with a few antiques dotted around. If you want to experience the full buzz of Paris’s streets, then this is the place to go.

Transport for Paris:

The most common and obvious ways to travel around Paris is by public transport. If you happen to ask for directions to somewhere, most locals will point you towards the metro stops. The most common transportation methods in Paris includes the Metro, bus and tram. You can use these daily. However, if you are a more outdoors person, most places are close to each other, so walking is also a good way to get around and see the city, with it being pedestrian friendly. Or coming from beyond Paris? Fly to Charles de Gaulle international airport.

Nightlife in Paris:

There are many varied options for nightlife in Paris with different areas having different places to go. Whether you want a good dance or a nice cosy place to go for a few cocktails Paris has it all.

If you want to go to for a night out in a bar with some friends here are some good options:

  • La Bellevilloise
  • Escape to Africa at Le Comptoir General
  • A transformed old railway station La Recycleire

Or if you fancy going to an upbeat nightclub for a few drinks and a dance try:

  • An underground party at Chez Georges
  • A nightlife must at Le Batofar
  • Open air nightclub Wanderlust

Been to Paris? Share your views.

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