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Hotels in Prague

Prague Short Story

Prague: A Travel Guide

Fairly beautiful like Paris, Prague is the glittering gem of Europe that came into being after the Velvet Revolution in 1989. Following the revolution, Czech Republic liberated from communism besides stalwarts like Rome, Amsterdam and London. Unquestionably, flocks of visitors from all around the world came to Prague particularly in summers you can feel the sharing of Charles Bridge with half of mankind. The most beguiling charms which you can’t miss are the spectacle of 14th century stone bridge, a hilltop castle and a lovely lazy Vltava River. Prague is the unforgettably beautiful city of the 19th century which is as classical and pleasing as the symphony of Santana. The capital of Czech is the architectural jewel of the world with gothic and modern buildings. The cobblestone streets of the city hardly follow any straight line but everyone wants to adrift happily in the labyrinth Prague.

Best Things to do in Prague

Walk over the Charles Bridge

The foremost and the best thing to do in Prague walk across the Charles Bridge and take the breathtaking view of the city. The exceptional experience in your journey to Prague will stay in your mind for years to come as it is an absolute taboo, especially for first-time visitors. Though Charles Bridge remains crowded with travelers all the year around you would not get sick while watching Prague from this place. Spanning the Vltava River and connecting to Old Prague Center to Mala Strana, Charles Bridge is a completely imposing structure which is protected by three gothic towers and thirty Baroque-style statues.

Explore world’s ancient Prague Castle

The largest ancient castle in the world, Prague Castle is the most popular landmark and must-see appeal of the city. When you sit atop a hilly vintage of Castle, everything would lose its existence. Neglecting the Vltava River, Prague Castle is a tremendous invaluable architectural design and draws herds of visitors. The castle has two spire church in which St. Vitus Cathedral is most impressive. The Castle of the capital has plenty of arches, sculptures and gothic spires that rise high in the sky. The lush green tranquil park around the Castle also provides a marvelous stroll on a sunny day to the random visitors.

Roam around the Old Town Square of Prague

One of the most magnificent squares of Europe, the old town square of Prague is the eyewitness of history with some of the gothic style buildings dated back to 14th century. The old Town Tower sits predominantly in the middle of the square and built in the early 1400s but still, it is among the highest and oldest facades and towers of Prague. The Astronomical Clock of Old Town Tower is also the attributable icon and hallmark of the old Square in Prague.

Top Attractions in Prague

Petrin Hill

Rises over the ancient Capital city, Petrin Hill is traversing Vltava River in the vicinity of the old town. Here you will find wandering paths to stroll around in afternoon and enjoy the all-embracing views of the old town, a little Eiffel tower, astronomical watchtower, a centuries-old brewery and the Strahov Monastery that housed an elegant library. You will forget the experience of urban side of Prague once hiking up the Petrin Hill and obtain lay of the land. After climbing 299 steps of Petrin Tower, which shaped like France’s exemplary landmark, you will have a bird’s eye view of winding cobblestone streets and architectural beauty of Prague.

Dancing House

Prague is world recognized for its architectural beauty for centuries but in the end of 20th century, the city embodied its masterpiece named Dancing House. The deconstructivist architecture was created by Czech and Canadian architects Valdo Milunic and Frank Gehry respectively. The extraordinary edifice comprises dynamic and static components together that relates a female dancer who swaying in the arms of her dancing partner. Positioned on the bank of Vltava River, Dancing House is the private office construction except a restaurant which is opened for public at 7th floor.

Beer of Prague

Prague is the beer capital of World as the city produced the finest beer and has more than 200 breweries big or small. Best beer Pivo has become the most compelling attraction of Prague and brings thousands of tourists to sip a pint. The huge number of bars extends famous lagers such as Budvar and staropramen where you can also watch crafting of beer. Most of the beers are light and brewed naturally from the hand-picked hops. The increasing number of breweries are also producing sable ale which is an alternative to light beer. If you are a beer lover and visiting Prague then must pay a visit to Beer Museum of Prague that contributes over 31 quality beer flavors.

Transport Modes in Prague

Prague has extensive and comprehensive transport network which is operated by the Capital City of Prague Transport Company. The company runs the bus, underground metro, trams. Buses, Petrin Hill rail and chairlift of Prague Zoo. The network remains quite busy and transports over 3 million passengers daily. Public transport is the safe, convenient and economical mode of transport in the city and well integrated with other transport means. Prague is convenient to navigate due to logical and clearly described traffic signs, displays, and announcements while travelling in the metro train. Hence, you have to be careful while travelling in the metro as names of current and next stops announced together that could be misleading due to the language barrier.

Nightlife in Prague

The city with world’s best beer will definitely have to encompass nightlife in the form of spirited clubs, spinning bars that harmonize from dusk till dawn. So if you are serious about clubbing or just want a late night drink with lively dance, you can enjoy most in Prague. The city is much about cocktail bars with old smoky beer halls but many of them also have fine wine in stock because the new generation has cleaned up the scene of pubbing in the old town of the city. Check out some of the best nightlife places in Prague to experience an alcoholic dancing scene.

  1. Dejavu music club Prague
  2. Tynska Bar and Books
  3. Drunken Monkey Prague Pub Crawl & Bar
  4. Black Angel’s Bar
  5. AnonymouS Bar
  6. KU Bar & Lounge
  7. Ice Pub
  8. Ungelt Jazz & Blues Club
  9. The Little Glen
  10. Mecca Club Prague

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