Perhaps, you are planning your next trip to Southeast Asia but still don’t know where to go. Due to the beauty and charm that SE Asia destinations have to offer, it leaves you in a confused state. There is just one place that will fit into your planned activities and it is none but Singapore. Renowned for being the powerhouse city-state of SE Asia, Singapore is a beautiful city that draws millions of visitors yearly.

What to Do

Known for its shopping and vibrant food scene, Singapore gives you a feel of what Asia has to offer. It features a mix of culture and traditional values from other Asian countries likes such as Indian, Chinese, and Malay.

Regardless of your taste, you can enjoy Singapore to the fullest. You don’t have to be a shopaholic or a food enthusiast to get the most out of your trip to Singapore. Don’t like shopping? Well, there are plenty of activities lined up for you. Explore the religious sites and cafes of the Arab quarter, discover the beauty of Chinatown, get up close and personal with wildlife at Singapore Zoo, catch a show at the Esplanade or discover the wonders in Little India.

Be Prepared to Spend a Little More

Singapore is an expensive city no doubt but there is something for everyone even if you’re on a low budget. There are plenty of free and cheap things available for travelers on a budget, but the cost of living here can be high. This is especially important if your vacation will last a month. For this reason, you have to be prepared when planning a trip to Singapore

Cheap Public Transport

You can save more on transportation by getting around via their extensive public transport system. Equally impressive is the fact that Singapore’s public transport system is advanced, well maintained and of a high standard. This is by far the cheapest way of getting around. Of course, there are other means of transportation such as taxis, car rental which is a more convenient option, but you will save more by using public transport.