Best price Policy

Best Price Policy

Our range of hotels and worldwide destinations is always increasing to meet the needs of our clients and on top of this we guarantee the lowest rates. We are so confident that you will find our rates the best on the internet, that should you book a hotel with us and find the same hotel on another website for less, we will gladly refund the difference and offer you an incentive off your next booking.

To apply this guarantee, you should follow the Lowest Rate Guarantee conditions.

  1. Book and pay for accommodations through HOTELSNET.NET.
  2. Find your booking on HOTELSNET.NET, within the next 12 hours, on the same schedule booked, and the same dates and prices (in the same currency).

The price should include the same services included in the booking made by HOTELSNET.NET (service charges, taxes, rates, etc.).

  1. Enter the following information and send an email to us – reservations@hotelfinders.net:
  • HOTELSNET.NET’s reservation number
  • Name of the establishment
  • Date of arrival
  • Name of the website and the lower price that appears
  • Your name and surname(s)
  • Your e-mail address (The e-mail address should be the same one used to make the reservation on HOTELSNET.NET)
  • Attach screenshot of the website showing the best price. In said screenshot, all the details that must be taken into account for the guarantee to be valid must be clearly shown.
  1. The lowest price guarantee does not apply to prices made lower through offers, NON-REFUNDABLE reservations, , discounts for elders, etc., which may result in prices reduced from what is normally charged.
  2. This guarantee excludes those accommodations programmes based on fixed-amount pre-paid vouchers (ticket book) and similar programmes such as offers combining with shuttle services, excursions, etc. that combine as a travel package.
  3. NET must be able to verify the price listed as available and that the price can be booked by any end-customer.
  4. The highest amount refunded will be that of the value of the booking.

In the event that the requirements are met, HOTELSNET.NET will issue a refund, on valid claims, for the difference between the reserved price on HOTELSNET.NET and the price announced on the other site:

  1. Credit is issued directly to the credit card provided at the time of booking. The credit will usually appear on your statement within 7-10 business days.The petitioner should be the holder of the credit/debit card used to make the booking on HOTELSNET.NET.
  2. Only one petition per user will be allowed in one month. Included in this limitation is the circumstance in which the user has already benefited from this procedure, be it through the cardholder already having issued the booking under this lowest price formula.

Valid Claims:

The lowest rate guarantee does not apply to reduced-priced offers, non-refundable hotel rates, student and Senior Citizen special conditions, group discounts or any event equivalent to the above that may result in reducing the price at which they normally are found. This guarantee excludes those accommodations programmes based on fixed-amount pre-paid vouchers (ticket book) and similar programmes such as offers combining with shuttle services, excursions, etc. that combine as a travel package.

Should the requirements be met and the booking is for the same accommodation provider, type of accommodation and dates as those on another website, HOTELSNET.NET will reimburse for valid claims the difference between the prices reserved with HOTELSNET.NET and the price advertised on the other website, in accordance with the following process:

  1. Claims for any refund must be made within 12 hours of booking on HOTELSNET.NET.
  2. NET will confirm valid claims within 3 working days of receipt.
  3. Claims for refunds must be based on a comparison of the same accommodation establishment for the same dates, and same room type and occupancy. The rate must be inclusive of the same services as those offered by HOTELSNET.NET (for example service charges, taxes, breakfast, etc.).
  4. The Lowest Price Guarantee will cover bookings made for up to four customers and a maximum of seven nights stay.
  5. Refunds will only be made after completion of stay by the claimant at the named accommodation establishment for the named booking and will be credited within 30 days after completion (to the same credit/debit card that was used to make the booking).
  6. NET must be able to verify the alternative rate is both available and bookable online.
  7. NET will not reimburse customers if the rates are compared with a package, they are shown in a currency different to that quoted by HOTELSNET.NET, or if the rate is offered on a branded accommodation establishment chain website.

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